Who Were the Best and Worst American Presidents?
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Learn how your favorite president is rated on peace, prosperity, and liberty.
Ranking the presidents has always been a hotly debated topic. Ivan Eland’s book offers a thoughtful, if not provocative insight into what makes a great president by focusing on our founding principles.

Find out how Barack Obama ranks next to George Washington and George W. Bush.

Recarving Rushmore is colorful, entertaining, and profound. This book upends what we ‘know’ about ‘Great’ presidents and will challenge your view of political history, one president at a time.”
Jonathan Bean, Professor of History, Southern Illinois University

"Of the four presidents exalted in glory on Mount Rushmore, only George Washington deserves the honor, writes Ivan Eland, whose intriguing new book is appropriately titled Recarving Rushmore."
Washington Times
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Updated Rankings from George Washington to Barack Obama!

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